Time and Space #12: Deadlines

Is there a defacto deadline when there is no announced deadline?

Ponder God, Abram and Terah.

Notice the sharp contradiction between these two passages.

“The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.  “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.  I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”  So Abram left, as the LORD had told him; and Lot went with him. Abram was seventy-five years old when he set out from Haran.”  Genesis 12:1-4  NIV

Terah took his son Abram, his grandson Lot son of Haran, and his daughter-in-law Sarai, the wife of his son Abram, and together they set out from Ur of the Chaldeans to go to Canaan. But when they came to Haran, they settled there.  Terah lived 205 years, and he died in Haran.”  Genesis 11:31-32  NIV

Problem 1:   They settled in Haran until Terah died.  THEN, and only then, did Abram finish the trip God called him to.  Given the fact that one of Terah’s sons was named Haran, we can speculate that the family might have been from this town originally.  Regardless of Terah’s reason for settling there, it is clear that he, not God, garnered Abram’s obedience.

Problem 2:   God spoke to Abram and gave him directions, but Terah refused to emancipate Abram and allow him to be a man.  In order to retain control of the clan, Terah obeyed one small part of God’s orders to his son − leaving Ur − while flagrantly ignoring the rest.

Problem 3:  Abram was specifically told to leave his parents and the rest of his family behind.  He apparently didn’t want to, and they apparently didn’t want to be left.

Question 1:   Was there a deadline in God’s mind for Abram’s arrival in Canaan, even though it was not announced?

Question 2:   What would have been different in Abram’s life if he had arrived in a timely manner?  Scripture does not announce that he missed any great treasure or that he suffered any divine judgment, but can a person ever refuse to synchronize with God and remain unscathed?

Observation:  Many times we are directed by God to change our timing or to change our location (space).  I think one of the most pervasive reasons for not synchronizing with God’s will is that we are held hostage by other people’s emotions.

In other words, it is appearing that one of the great enemies of our being aligned in time and space according to God’s design, is human community.


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Saying Good-Bye #1: Trona

As I watch the calendar, I know that if I am not intentional about saying good-bye wisely to the places in California that have mattered to me, the time from now until September will be gone quickly.  So, I grabbed the two days this weekend to go to one and revisit one of my best memories.

Trona and China Lake Naval Air Station have been quite compelling for some time.  China Lake is RG Prophet and in their heyday, they demonstrated some of the finest characteristics of the Prophet gift.

They showed a combination of diagnostic skill + problem solving + collaboration without politics that allowed them to fix some things with a speed that was astounding.

Unfortunately, the base also has demonstrated some of the worst sides of the Prophet gift.

Trona is a whole ‘nother story.  It is Giver.  In their apparent heyday, the dominant company came across as hugely life giving to the whole community in a mothering sort of way, but in reality they had locked down a glass ceiling that allowed them to exploit everyone on a constant, low grade basis, and block anyone from breaking out of survival mode.

When a multitude of forces converged to expose the sham, people began to move away, preferring to commute, in order to have the potential for freedom elsewhere.

That caused the company to abandon the subterfuge, and they began requiring certain groups of employees to live in the town as a condition for employment.

The town spiraled down, and today it is one of the ugliest towns I know of in the US.  The land is broken, the economy is broken, the community is broken and hope is broken.

The company is a shadow of what it once was, but it still makes its corporate owners a lot of money, while enriching the lives of millions of ordinary people across the US with its products.

I have no idea why I am so drawn to that land, but I have often thought about buying a small house there and using it as a get-away-to-study.  The only problem is that it would take four months to fix up one of the dumps, and four hours to get there each time, so I never did.

But I have been back there a number of times because the richness of the deposit in the land just draws me, even though the treasure has killed the land and the town because of the extreme perversion of the gift.

The only motel in Trona is long gone, and I don’t care for the town of Ridgecrest, outside China Lake.  So I opted to drive a bit further to the ultra luxurious Panamint Springs Resort.  This was very important to me.  Once I spent a night there, I could go to my “True and Legitimate Jet Setter’s Manual” and tick that box.

A great achievement.

My Digs For One Night

After a cursory inspection of the Resort, I explored the map and drove to Darwin. I was informed it had a population of 20.  That was sheer slander by some uniformed person.  I found out later, from a resident, that there are actually 37 people living there.

I very much appreciated the postmaster.  He reminds me of Abraham Lincoln’s statement that the best way to deal with a bad law is to enforce it rigorously.  The postmaster clearly has issues with a certain subject, so decided to comply with the law in an over the top way.

You Want Peanuts?

From the end of the asphalt, I took the dirt road to nowhere, until my low down to the ground car refused me further service.  I got out, found a donkey trail across the hills and headed upward.

I was soon reminded of some differences between them and me.  Nonetheless, I persisted and arrived at the top of a cluster of hills across the gulch from where I started.  This picture is looking back at where I came from.

Looking Back.

After following the crest of the hills for about three more hills, I decided to stop and listen.  And to enjoy the beauty of desert plants.

Pink?  Really?

I sat on a rock on the ridge for a while, circling around a problem I have not been able to solve for about a month.  I had a sense a few weeks ago that the answer would become clear here, so I dug it out of the file to gnaw on it.

Suddenly I saw the hidden (false) presupposition I had not known was there.  Once I saw it, I could see the way forward.

It was a sweet moment.

After savoring it for a while, I wandered back along the ridges of the hills until I found an easier way to get to my car, then drove away pondering the power of truth.

God Was There First

At the restaurant that night, my server had an odd accent.  She had immigrated from Siberia.  To Death Valley.  There is a story there.  I didn’t ask.

I enjoyed watching the sunset, highlighting the striations on the mountains.  Then I headed to bed early.  My spirit was bubbling.  My bod . . . not so much.

I awoke with time and space on my mind, and pondered the story of Abram.  I suddenly saw some old familiar data through a new grid so hopped out of bed and wrote blog #13.  There was nothing remotely like an Internet connection in Death Valley, but Word still worked.

This area has something huge about it that awakens my spirit in an interesting way.

At breakfast, the gentleman at the next table turned out to be a 30-year commercial salmon fisherman from Alaska.  I asked him what he was doing here, since there were no boats, no waves and no salmon.  This is not a suburb of Alaska.  He gave me a weird look and walked away.

I packed up and drove to Trona.  The town is tragic.  And compelling.

Part Of The Factory

I sat at the picnic table, by the “rest area” lamentably downwind from the latrine.  Off to the east, I could hear the artillery from China Lake bombarding some hill with regularity.

There was a sense of destiny in the air.  No opposition.  Just that there was treasure there, if I would reach far enough into the unknown to find it.

An unexpected problem came into focus – a Rubik’s Cube I have been baffled by for at least 12 years.  Slowly, piece by piece, it came into alignment.  New revelation from God and old knowledge of principles converged.

This has to do with why some people who run hard after God are never able to connect with Him.

I decided to test the new model in real life with one of my most desperate Noble Subjects.  I was able to connect with her immediately and went to war with the new tool.  The response was dramatic and bodes well for the future.  We shall wait and see if we get measurable, verifiable, sustained change!

I shall try this on a couple of other people this week, and if the results are consistent, will share it in Seattle on the 3rd.

By the time I pulled out and headed for home, the hill in China Lake should have been quite dead, based on the number of rounds of artillery that were discharged.  Hopefully the gunner passed his certification.

On the way, I stopped briefly at Red Rock Canyon State Park to give it a hug.  It has been on my bucket list to camp there for a few days and see what the Lord would reveal in that context, but it never came about.

Compelling Beauty

As I drove home, I pondered the surprising approach God took.  I started my good-byes with one of the places I have the most wonderful memories of, in California.

I went with joy and anticipation, expecting to savor the past and find some kind of closure in speaking to the land.

Instead, God surprised me with wisdom and revelation on an immense level.  As I look back on that land in the future, the last visit will eclipse all previous visits.  Rather than any sense of sadness at leaving, there is a blanket of immense awe wrapped around the topic of China Lake and Trona.

Who knew God would do that?

Before leaving Trona, I asked God to send more people who could love the land, not exploit it.

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Time and Space #11: What God Tells Us

God gave Noah instructions about building the ark, including size and future use.  Call that space.

God did NOT give him any info about how long it would take to build or how long he would be in it.

Call that time.

Based on references to Noah’s age, it looks like it was possibly as long as a century in being built.  And he was in the ark about a year.

Would he have seen the project any differently if he had those two data points up front?


More to the point, will WE embrace the callings God gives us any differently if He shows us the visual, but there is no time stamp on it?

And will we feel betrayed or deceived by Him when we find out that the time line is quite different from what we naively imagined or wished?

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Time and Space #10: Dissolving Time/Space

“And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.”  Genesis 5:24  AV

I have watched several friends die by the inch, cruelly.

I marveled at Jacob’s death.  He knew it was time.  Yet he had the emotional strength to have a battle of wills with the Prime Minister of Egypt and win.  His spirit was crisp as he dished up curses and blessings on his sons.  Then, he laid down, having ticked all the boxes and went home.

Oh, to die like that!  Hard to think of an improvement on that process.

But then, Enoch’s would be an even better way to “die” if you can call it death.  At least it seems that way.

Why not dream?

The ultimate alignment of time/space should happen at the end of our season.  Why shouldn’t Christians’ home going be massively different from the rest?

What if we began blessing our God-ordained transition from this time and space to the other time and space?  What would it feel like and look like if we sanctified that event ahead of time instead of ignoring it for decades and then fighting it madly when it comes?

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Time and Space #9: Dominion

On the sixth day, God created bugs, animals and humans.  Those three groups were added to the fish and the birds who could convert time and space into motion and sound through an act of their will.

Out of the five categories, God selected mankind and gave them the Dominion Mandate to “rule over” the fish, the birds, the bugs and the animals.

In many ways, the other four categories of creatures are vastly superior to us in terms of motion.  Which of us can soar like an eagle or flit like a hummingbird?  Who is as big as an elephant or as evasive as a gnat?  Who can celebrate motion like a porpoise?

Yet, while we are markedly inferior in motion we have the mandate to rule over their motion.  Sadly, most of what we do is lock them up and deprive them of access to space and motion.

We as humans have some kind of access to the time/space alignment of heaven as we are taught to pray God’s reality from heaven down to earth.  We also have a redemptive calling to undo much of what went wrong with the fall of man.  This would include extending the alignment of time/space to the four kingdoms of living things.

Think of all the examples we have of mysterious disasters happening to creatures, such as whales beaching themselves.

At present we all have facets of time and space that are not in alignment in our own lives.  We tend to focus on our own hurts and limitations and wish we could grow into enough dominion to handle our own affairs effectively.

But I think we are called to steward the animal kingdoms as well, extending the protection of God’s righteous alignment of all things to them.

Every kind of brokenness the enemy can create empowers his kingdom.  I wonder what the world would be like if the sons of God walked in such dominion that they could align time and space for the animal kingdoms, depriving the enemy of this source of power.

We are not there yet, but we need to set the bar that high, and not just high enough for our own comfort.

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Time and Space #8: Choice

After four days of creation being subject solely to the will of the Trinity and the laws of nature, on the fifth day, choice regarding time and space came into play.

God created fish and birds.  He imbued them with motion which in itself is an expression of the union of time and space.

With motion came an infinity of choices, moderated to some degree by pre-installed software that created desires and were punctuated by lethal or lovely consequences.

In terms of space, there are no physical boundaries established for either living group.  Each was free to roam far, eating, mating and resting where they wished.

But alongside that freedom was the ever present threat of extermination if the creature with choice failed to be canny about the realities of either time or space.

Failure to migrate in synchronicity to the seasons could cause death from sundry causes.  Failure to consider the hostile environment around them while eating could also result in individual death.  Failure to mate in the appropriate time would result in a termination of that line of living things.

Conversely, following God’s ordained time to be in a particular space would generally enrich the life of a fish or bird.

A profound paradigm.

No moral laws governing their behavior in time and space.  A definite “better” and “worse” positioning in nature for both time and space.  Extreme consequences for poor judgment.

A new chapter in the history of time/space and creation.


An exponentially complicating variable.

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Time and Space #7: Astronomy

On the surface, this seems like a worn out subject.

Staggering amounts of space.

Staggering amounts of mass.

Everything in motion, all the time, with staggering precision.

We can figure out where a star or planet will be 127 years, 37 days and twenty-nine seconds from now.

Well, we can’t, but there are some computer-aided humans out there who can.

So what is there to say besides the big WOW that has already been extracted from us before?


Then I saw an awe piece.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.  Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.  There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.”  Psalm 19:1-3  AV

While God’s glory is MANIFEST in sundry ways, such as through the design of animals, birds and fish (Job 12:7-8), He placed sound in the cosmos.

Sound is vibration.  Vibration is time and space in a particular alignment.

The sound/speech/language/voice of heaven is embedded in the light (time/space) emanating from the cosmos.

Why there?

Because nothing on this little lump we call the earth was anywhere near big enough to capture the immensity of God.  It took an orchestra of 200 billion galaxies to even begin to do justice to the majesty of our God.

And it is a full-time job, as the celestial display is relentless, and it covers the entire surface of (space) the earth.  Time/space without pause or blank.

Unparalleled worship, riding on the largest expression of space that we can conceive of, a space that is synchronized with a stunning precision of time.

What an orchestra!

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