A Mercy City Prayer Strategy

Imagine this.

You are given two okra, one teaspoon of tartar sauce, a clam, a quail, some scorching hot sauce, maple syrup, ginseng and some blackberries.  Your instructions are to prepare a gourmet meal.

Even the most creative chef might scratch his head for a bit at how to leverage that combination into a masterpiece.

I feel that way about our upcoming seminar on “Leadership in the Mercy Season” which will be held in Grey Forest, TX.

The city is outside San Antonio.  It is less than one square mile in land mass and has a population of under 500 people.

It is a Mercy city.  For the last 100 years, it has been a refuge for the power players from San Antonio who want to escape the intensity of their jobs by coming home to some external tranquility and internal disengagement in a safe context.  Artists gravitate there for the subdued emotional climate that induces their hidden treasures to emerge.

They are so committed to being non-transactional and non-transformational that there are (apparently) only three businesses in the whole city.

Into this milieu is coming the SLG tribe which is not overly defined by tranquility.  That hates disengagement.  That has been known to play havoc with safe contexts.  That is passionate about being transactional.  And transformational.

On the surface, this looks like about as much fun as giving a pedicure to a centipede with restless leg syndrome.

So . . . how do we pray in such a way that the gift of the city becomes an asset to the Kingdom, when it has been hugely hijacked to provide mere soul solace to the secular mindset?

Clearly we will have to bring our own fire and vision for transformation.  One would hope that our tribe is sufficiently robust that we can transcend the culture of security and comfort for a single day.

But in terms of receiving from the land – as it is, not how we wish it were – I see several things.

-Grey Forest has taken the Mercy’s passion for a complete ecosystem to a very high level.  Since we are talking about how to create a new culture, this anointing for completeness, with every moving part both receiving and giving, should enrich our discussions.

We will be talking about changing a culture.  A culture cannot be changed with one or two edicts from the top.  Most of the decisions in a culture have to be rethought and then executed for wildly different reasons.

-Grey Forest has a hundred year history of working hard on intimacy.  This is remarkable since a high percentage of people living there are supposedly power brokers in the big city, but they managed to put on a very different hat and be neighborly and deeply connected when they come home from the place of conquest and construction.

SLG is passionately about producing change.  At this point in our journey, it is harvest time, which requires a big push.  Harvest is normally framed around hard work, long hours and the deferring of relational stuff for another time.  Since we are trying to establish intimacy as a pre-requisite for the harvest, the city might have some fascinating resources to release to us.

-Creative excellence abounds in Grey Forest.  Just on a hunch, I did a search for “Grey Forest Texas artists” and came up with 493,000 hits.  WHAT?  Apparently in addition to the reclusive artists, there is an annual display of not only paint on canvas, but the artistic magnificence of gardens and back yards.

One would certainly wish that the creative excellence of SLG in crafting exquisitely beautiful and functional cultures for the Mercy Season harvest would become famous enough that people would travel far to explore and experience the unparalleled treasures of our tribe.

(Hint:  We aren’t there yet.)

-Time is one of the treasures of Grey Forest that is not overtly touted on their website, but is clearly an asset.  The original vision of the city – which has been assiduously maintained  for a century – is that it should be a different tempo than the hard charging big city a stone’s throw away.  People effectively shift gears from one cultural norm regarding time to another, when they come home from work.

I wonder what that could mean for us.  Normally, I pour it on when I am together with you, trying to take maximum advantage of the face time to equip you for transformation.  I wonder if the anointing of the city would enable us to take a slower pace and achieve a deeper transformation with less soul data transfer.

Gonna have to chew on that one.

-The greatest treasure of the city does not show anywhere in the web.  It is a greater capacity to experience God.  The city is admittedly committed to the excellence and supremacy of the soul, with minor overtones of physical nurture (one of the three businesses is a spa!)

But God was there first and He designed the city to be a place where the membrane between heaven and earth was a bit thinner than the next city over.  A few thousand years of ignoring heaven doesn’t change God’s original design.  It simply means the deposit available for us is larger and more deeply aged for having been ignored by many.

So I invite you to pray into the land dynamics at our seminar on April 1st.  Let the richness of this community’s treasures be woven together with the richness of our tribe to produce some amazing new colors of revelation of God’s wisdom.

Join me in worshipful intercession for God’s Kingdom to be manifested next weekend.

Copyright March 2017 by Arthur Burk





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Oroville Dam: A Different Perspective

The Oroville Dam in northern California is in danger of failure.  There are about 180,000 lives that will be impacted by the relocation and probable loss of many if not all of their possessions, should the dam collapse.

I have spent a lot of time at the dam, on the water in the reservoir and in the surrounding communities.  My focus over the years has been on an extremely intense portal in the middle of the reservoir, under water most of the time.

It is my experience (or opinion) that this portal is large enough and toxic enough that it has been impacting/controlling certain sectors of California for decades.

What that means in practical terms is that if the dam blows, there will be a huge release of demons from that portal.  Obviously the people directly in the path of the water flow will be primarily affected.

BUT we learned from 9/11 that there is a vast transfer of demons via TV news coverage after an event like that.  People all over the world can get defiled by watching the disaster.

If you have any history of significant emotional turbulence or demonic distortion in the past, I strongly recommend that you avoid all video about the flood if it happens.  Go to a web news page, glance briefly at the headlines, but do not expose yourself to the details of the horror and devouring.

For those of you who are pretty solid in your inner man, I beg you to set aside specific time to pray for the survivors of SRA in the region who will be impacted by this.

I am personally familiar with the breadth of SRA in the region around Oroville.  I am sure I only know a tiny percentage of the survivors.  This will not be a safe time for them.  Pray for God’s peace and His presence to be with those who need Him most and know Him least.

I rarely send out Draconian announcements like this, but after having witnessed the amount of defilement in America caused by the relentless watching of the 9/11 disaster, I am choosing to sound the alarm here.

This is not a spectator event.  This is not a mere geological drama.  This is an intensely spiritual crisis.

Copyright February 2017 by Arthur Burk

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Prayers to Heal Wounded Hearts


These are the heart prayers we will be focused on at 8:00 a.m. Pacific time today.  Join us in spirit from around the world.  Don’t try to cover all of them.  Just lean into the ones where you have authority.  Pray for the entire tribe, and our extended families, that our hearts might be healed and transformed today.

We have found that as we come together at a specific time, as a tribe, God moves with greater power than when we pray individually.

1)            Gideon

He had a trauma bond to time.  His heart was frozen over the guilt of not having heard God correctly in a situation that caused the death of many.  Grief and fear anchored him in the past.

2)            Jonah

The Assyrians had invaded Israel, destroyed his nation, and taken his people and his relatives into captivity.  He was deeply vested in hatred and bitterness and had no desire to see God bless his enemies.  He turned his anger toward God when God chose to see value in the people he hated.

3)            Jacob

He had been on the defensive for so long, fearing fraud and trickery at every turn, that when his brother came, offered full forgiveness and restoration of family ties, he could not receive it.

4)            Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea

Fear of man kept them trapped in a posture of cowardice, while they knew that Jesus was THE Christ.

5)            Gomer

She did not value herself, therefore could not receive Hosea’s gift of valuing her inner being.  All she could value and receive value for was her body.

6)            Jeremiah

He had a social contract with God that included a particular level of care by God for him.  When God did not provide the comfort and community he wanted, he dissolved into a pathetic puddle of self-pity

7)            Job

God replaced his religious heart with a heart of awe.

8)            Hezekiah

He saw the worst of idolatry, including watching his brother, the crown prince, be murdered by his parents in sacrifice to a demon.  He reacted to the trauma with an intense pursuit of the righteous God, seeking to enthrone Him on the land.

9)            Wall builders of Nehemiah’s day

In spite of the lack of support from the elders of Jerusalem, and in spite of the fact that the project kept getting larger and harder, they had hearts for endurance and therefore received the gift of a miracle from God.

10)         Daniel

He had to get a PhD in Babylonian magic, graduate summa cum laud and defend his dissertation before Nebuchadnezzar.  Even though he was marinated in evil for an unknown period of time, he maintained a heart that was noble and pure and sought after God fearlessly.

Copyright February 2017 by Arthur Burk


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Shadow of Death Teaching

Last year, one of our live stream sessions included a teaching on the Shadow of Death.  Since that is not commonly discussed in the spiritual warfare community, we have stripped the audio from the original video to make it available to you.

Some people are putting it on their mp3 player and running it all night for a month to deeply imprint the immensity of Jesus’ victory into their spirit.

I think it is time for the Tribe to step up to a new level of impact.  Instead of just listening to this for yourself, consider who else needs it.  Whether you do a generic distribution on Facebook or write a personal email to a few friends who struggle with this issue and don’t know why, let’s walk in compassion for those who are living in the Shadow of Death and consider it inevitable.

You may share this link with anyone, anywhere, at no cost.

The Shadow of Death. 

Copyright January 2017 By Arthur Burk

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Welcome to Tracy

Julian and Tracy have been tracking with SLG for about a decade.  They are unusual in SLG in that they actually digest what they listen to.  Many of you have listened to far more of our stuff than they have, but few have overtly implemented principles as deeply and intentionally as they have.

This really caught my attention as I have walked with them and silently observed their values and choices.

They live here in Southern California and have been exposed to a  great number of streams in the Body of Christ during their polyvariegated journey.  Both are musicians.  Tracy has led worship in a variety of temporary assignments as well as working long term with some individuals to build worship into their lives from the inside out.

Among the sundry hats Tracy wears is electronic marketing.  She is coming on board with SLG as an offsite volunteer to work on marketing for the Texas and California seminars on Leadership in the Mercy Season.

This will be an interesting exercise to see if we can find that famous Mercy Season alignment.  Historically, SLG has stayed away from marketing, because so many of the things we see done are profoundly offensive to my sense of propriety and integrity.

On her side, she has been there, done that, and seen from the inside all the ways there are to overtly or covertly do marking with lack of integrity.  She has ached for a chance to market a product she believes in, with processes she feels are highly integrous.

We have not worked together on any significant project before, so this will be a learning curve.  Normally, that means the leader (moi) would watch over the project with an eagle eye and demand to approve every major piece of work before it is released.

But since we are obsessively not normal, but are a sonship organization, I am giving her substantial freedom to bring her best to the table and show us all how marketing can be done with excellence AND integrity, with negligible oversight.

There is an interesting amount of emotional baggage involved.  Volunteers have left a pretty large trail of pain here.  I have to keep reminding myself that this is a new season and she is not “them!”

On her side, she has had an indecent number of bruises from leaders in the past.  Her deep desire to not botch this relationship will cause her own messy videos to run unsolicited.

So both of us will be walking gingerly while trying to run a really big play as she reinvents the marketing world around integrity which is no small task.

You will see her fingerprints in sundry changes to graphics throughout our social media world.  We have found that silent admiration adds little to anyone’s spiritual authority.  If you would like to be part of a Mercy Season stunning success story, I invite you to write Tracy@TheSLG.com to celebrate anything new and beautiful that you see in our presentation.

And for the Texas portion of the SLG tribe, I suggest you highly territorial rascals turn your liability into a strength by organizing a few prayer sessions among yourselves where you overtly invite Tracy and her giftings into Texas for the glory of the King.

For my part, this is a defiantly authentic blog to come in the opposite spirit to the historically inauthentic world of marketing.

Copyright January 2017 by Arthur Burk

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Emergency Strike Forces

Arthur is out in the field at this time and so his communication is limited. However, the need has arisen for three strike forces and so I (Megan) am writing on his behalf.

We have been talking about what the Sapphire Tribe can do.  This is an opportunity for us to step up to a new level to accomplish God’s will in the Kingdom.

These strike forces are for specific purposes, so the profile of the people we are looking for is also targeted. Please read carefully the descriptions below.

If it is the right fit for you and you have the freedom to join, write to Serina@TheSLG.com and specify to which strike force you are responding.  She will communicate with you from that point forward.

Strike Force #1 – TIME SENSITIVE
We need five people to pray for healing for a three month old baby who has been diagnosed with an incurable disease. We are looking for people who have personally experienced the supernatural healing of a baby. Please respond no later than 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

Strike Force #2
We need ten people who move in dreams and visions. This is a 90 day assignment.

Strike Force #3
We need six people who have a calling for defiant faith. You have endured a long season of deep pain and have remained standing. This will be a lengthy strike force. We would like to have coverage around the world, so we are looking for two people from Europe or Africa, two from the States, and two from Australia.

We are moving intentionally into the new flavor of the Mercy Season, looking for the alignment and the synergy to flow. This is the time to go to the next level as a tribe and bring our collective authority and power to serve the King.

Onward and Forward!

Megan Caldecourt


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2. Warfare: The Human Heart

We have a decision on the format.  We will continue with announcing the Worship and Warfare in this blog, well ahead of time.  There will be no electronic interface.  Each person will pray when and where they are, as the Lord leads.

We will be united in spirit, around the world, joining our authority, but there will be no mechanical connection or recording.

Our new target is the human heart.  We are commanded to love the Lord our God with all our heart.  The scar tissue of generations has given us hard hearts.  We will be cleansing trauma bonds to time and land, excommunication, jealousy, dealing with AHS in and around the heart, removing ungodly structures from the blood vessels leading in and out and everything else the Lord brings to our focus.

Tuesday, February 7th, 8:00 a.m. Pacific time.


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